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Aquastorm a locally owned full line aquarium store began in 2006 with a specific  goal, to provide and make aquarium supplies more affordable to fish hobbyists.

Commencing with only 12 aquariums the business gained a reputation as being professional and punctual in its line of work leading to an expansion of the business where our business facilities now include over 210 aquariums containing more than 50.000 liters full of freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, invertebrates and live plants.

After 2016 we expansion has seen the introduction of our very own koi center. With the assistance of Hazorea Aquatics a leading aquatic center in Koi we provide our Koi customers fish of the highest quality at excellent prices

What we offer

Our customers have the opportunity to choose form a wide selection of freshwater fish, plants, saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates.

 Furthermore, we provide service including custom built aquariums and ponds, complete in-house maintenance, marine aquaria, expert advice, huge ranges of all leading products such as API, Arcadia, Aquaforest, Brightwell Aquatics, Continium, Dupla, Evolution Aqua , Hailea, Hikari, Hydor, Omega one, Resun, Sera, Tropical, Waterlife.

At Aquastorm, we believe you deserve the best therefore we provide the best in all our areas of expertise. Our staff are trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable with years of expertise.

Address: Agi Voreadi  , Geri , Nicosia ,Cyprus
Email  : aquastorm1@gmail.com
Tel : 99 553224
Office Hours:
Mon -Fri  08:00-19:00
Wed-Sat:  10:00-18:00
Sun: Closed